Pinterest Board Followers Scraper

The Pinterest Board Followers Scraper is a small bot that automates the scraping of the board followers. Just enter the board URL and click the Start button. The scraped users are saved as a autosave file with the date and time in the folder where the bot resides. Depending on your Internet connection and the current load on the Pinterest servers you will be able to scrape thousands of board followers. If you are trying to scrape boards with over 20.000 followers the bot might eventually crash due to memory exhaustion, but the scraped users will be saved automatically.

You can use the Pinterest Board Followers Scraper with our Pinterest Follow Bot.

Microsoft .NET Framework 4.5+ is required in order to run the bot on your PC. You can download it from here!
Last update:02/23/2015 00:22
Name:Pinterest Board Followers Scraper.exe
Size:12.06 MB